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House Tully
Can you imagine how cute that Harry and Hermione dance scene in the tent would of been if it was ron dancing with hermione instead.

So cute! But also so awkward and hot and lots of gulping and shallow breaths. And so much touching…. 

Sounds like a oneshot wants to be written.

So not too long ago i saw a post where someone said they'd stopped shipping romione because they thought it'd be an abusive ship and therefore they started shipping dramione.. I think i laughed for like ten minutes because of that. And i've seen more posts on ron being abusive and where the hell does this abuse-thing come from? I've read the books a dousin times, ive seen the movies a dousin times and either indicates anything that can make ron seem abusive. I just dont understand D: help!

I honestly do not know where this whole Ron abusing Hermione thing came from. I can only assume it’s because he talked about her behind her back when they were 11? Or that he actually had the nerve to stand up to her? 

I think some people are confusing their arguing with abuse, which just shows how immature and uneducated some people really are. Let’s explore the differences.

If anyone remembers, it was Hermione starting most of those arguments. Why? Like I said in a previous ask, she saw potential in him. She wanted him to do well. Hermione was probably confused as to why she could possibly like this lazy boy who cracked inappropriate jokes and ate like a sloppy fiend. But she did and so she fought with him to cover up those feelings, and vice versa. He fought back because, contrary to what the movies have you believe, Ron was never one to back down from confrontation. Not even Hermione. Especially not even Hermione. In his cliche boy way he gave her attention by picking on her (enough to irritate her so she didn’t forger he was there lol), and arguing back to show she hadn’t made him soft (which she totally had). So they bickered and picked on each other because that might’ve been the only way to release all that tension. 

Mental abuse is a very different thing. There is a manipulation involved with mental abuse, to the point where the abuser will break someone down slowly and subtly (offhand comments about their weight, ignoring their ideas, denying actions, thus making them feel they’re wrong for accusing) until they feel they are so small and so nothing that they look to the abuser to build them back up, which they do by filling their heads with false truths and reasons for being submissive to them. It is an awful way to treat another human being. They mess with a person’s self esteem for so long that it isn’t noticeable right away until it reaches a point where the person doesn’t recognize themselves anymore. Does this sound anything like Ron and Hermione? Can you see Ron doing this, or even Hermione allowing it? I think not.

Verbal abuse is a more direct form of manipulation. The abuser will say things about the other person to belittle them, and they do it so often that the other person will start to believe it. Calling them foul names, acting possessive, telling them they’re not worthy of anyone else but them, that they’re fat, ugly, stupid, insane, etc. Ron may have called her a know-it-all when they were immature kids, but how can anyone say he was or would ever be verbally abusive? Now that’s crazy.

Physical abuse is the most hidden, yet the most obvious. Where in all the books and movies did Ron ever lay a hand on Hermione, besides hugging her or pulling her out of danger?? How does one jump from bickering about homework to outright abuse- mental, verbal or physical? I have experience with all three and I can say honestly that there are no signs of any of it with Ron and Hermione.

Sorry for the rant, but it had to be said. Thanks for reading :)

I truly believe the trio once had a threesome

I personally think Ron is way too jealous of a person for that to happen. But whatever pervy things people want to dream up I’m not gonna knock it. Keep on pervin’!

I feel really bad for hermione for sharing a tent with two teenage boys lol

Right? So much burping and farting and dirty socks, not to mention lack of privacy. What happened when Hermione got her period? She’s already exhausted and stressed out, add to that two boys in her face all day. I’d imagine they knew when it came and hopefully stayed out of her way lol.

I really wish Christopher Columbus had stayed and made all the HP movies because the first two movies to me we're the best for book to movie adaptions.

If he had stayed on I wonder how the directors, who changed so much (AHEM YATES), would’ve been able to deal with so much canon. The world may never know…

Maybe I have read too much fanfiction but I swear whenever I reread deathly hallows, i feel like romione had something going on long before their supposed first kiss.

That’s because you’re a pervy Romione lover. And I can appreciate that. ;) <3

Can you imagine how happy ron was when he finally got to not only see hermione naked but have sex with her

So happy!!

Although, Ron might explain it differently… heh

It annoys me how some people refer to the trio as a love triangle. Maybe in Ron's head it was one but Hermione not Harry ever had romantic feelings towards each other.

In order for there to be a love triangle one of them has to have conflicted feelings over the other two, which was never the case. So, yes, it is annoying. But in terms of fanfiction, I can see why some would bend those feelings for the purpose of a story. Granted, the story wouldn’t be canon, but you can’t be mad over someone’s vivid imagination. :)

Everytime I watch Ron's deluminator speech to hermione, I feel like my heart is melting. If I was hermione, i would have sniffed him senseless lol

Every. Fucking, Time. 

My heart swells and my eyes tear up and I get all giggly and silly for feeling so flustered over something I’ve read and seen so many times, but it never gets old. Because that speech is so Romione, he spells out exactly why they belong together, why he came back. And he said it mostly with his eyes; Gahdamn you, Rupert, for being so brilliant in that scene!